Zero Pollution
and Zero Waste

Building a
sustainable legacy

The benefits of creating a greener, more sustainable environment in which to live are clear. A society that consumes precious and limited resources – but gives back little but pollution and waste – is short-sighted and irresponsible. There is a growing aspiration to ‘do things better’.

But in reality, the barriers to progress will often simply seem too high – when action on a global scale is so often derailed by politics, regulation and the pure inertia that resists big change.

At Seeders Capital, we believe that progress at a local level is a crucial part of evolution on the bigger stage.

Making change that matters
improving health, wellbeing & quality of life

Through our concepts of ‘zero zoning’ and self-sufficiency at a project-by-project level, we believe we can make tangible steps to improve health, wellbeing and quality of life right here, right now.

And by doing that, we build a legacy of which we can be proud.

Our mission is broader, but today we start with Air Quality.

We are also actively investing in solutions that enable Zero Waste Zones, creating true circularity at a local level, and creating self-sustaining micro-environments.

We urge CEOs, property developers, project managers and all other decision-makers involved in building the places in which we live and work to engage with us to understand how they can build their own legacy.

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Creating Zero Zones

Zero Zones are the building blocks, the ‘nodes’, of a connected sustainable network – and are at the centre of our work.

Individually, a zone might be a residential housing development project or apartment block. It could be an individual institution like a university, hospital or airport. At a micro-level, it might even be a bus or a taxi. They will all be places that we pass through as a collective, or in which we work, live and play.

The key is that with proper planning, processes and technology, we can control the environment within that zone. Cleaner, less polluted air, water and food. Circular and more sustainable waste management.

Whilst these zero zones can be integrated into existing environments, the opportunities and benefits of incorporating the concepts, principles and technologies into new residential and commercial construction projects is compelling.

And, like the team that is stronger than the sum of its parts, every zero zone contributes to the creation of a network of healthier, stronger micro-environments.

We already create Zero Pollution Zones, working with partners across the UK, Spain and Egypt to monitor and manage air quality. We are developing similar processes and partnerships to introduce Zero Waste Zones.

Who we are

Seeders Capital exist to champion the creation of healthier, more sustainable ways of living.

We provide planning and consultancy services, and partner with a carefully curated selection of trusted systems and technology providers to enable us to deliver Zero Zone solutions into projects both large and small.

Seeders Capital

Next Steps

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